Our Story


It all started in Manchester in the late 80s, a time of thriving youth subculture Skateboarding and BMXing were on the rise and the ‘Madchester’ music scene was about to take the world by storm.

Bench was at the very heart of this energetic, exciting time, taking its inspiration from the people around it to make relevant clothing built for the urban world they lived in.

This generation was the first to want to ‘LARGE’ their weekend and paved the way for mainstream UK subculture.

From our humble beginnings to our global status, we’ve stayed relevant and true by constantly striving to create innovative and fashionable product inspired by real people and the real lives they lead.

We will be ever present at music festivals, clubs and events worldwide and live within content creators on video sharing and streaming platforms, bringing the dynamic Bench energy to our people in their moments.

Featured on your favourite celebs and influencers + exciting new technology to make Bench more accessible to like-minded people around the world. our brand is about to grow up with youth still at its very heart.  

This relaunch isn’t a comeback statement but an innovation statement, redefining original design and personality of the UK’s first authentic streetwear brand.

Don’t Call This a Comeback. This isn’t a brand relaunch but an originality reboot.